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Kamal & Lakshmi

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Written Reviews From Our Clients

“Best stress free experience. They listened to my wants and needs and scheduled tours for me. On move in day, Mal was kind enough to bring by pizzas and wine. Thank you again Doherty Real Estate!”

Arun H.

“Great family to do business with. Awesome results!!”

Javier T.

“In 2021, I had the pleasure of utilizing Doherty Real Estate Group Service for the purchase of my own house and in 2023, my sister's, and the experience was nothing short of exceptional. In a market saturated with options, Doherty Real Estate Group Service stood out as a beacon of excellence, providing an unparalleled home-buying experience that surpassed our expectations. From the initial consultation to the closing of the deals, Doherty Real Estate Group Service showcased an unmatched level of professionalism. The dedicated team, led by Devin, guided us through the intricate process with finesse, ensuring we were well-informed and comfortable every step of the way. Devin and Racheal not only possessed an in-depth knowledge of the local real estate landscape but also demonstrated a genuine passion for helping clients find their dream homes. Devin and his team stood out with their market expertise, providing invaluable insights that guided us to make informed decisions. Their commitment to personalized service ensured a tailored approach, presenting us with properties that perfectly matched our preferences. Communication was flawless, with the team keeping us informed and swiftly addressing any concerns. This open line of communication instilled confidence and eliminated the stress often associated with such significant transactions Doherty Real Estate Group Service's understanding of the market was a game-changer. Devin provided valuable insights into property values, market trends, and potential growth areas. Armed with this knowledge, we felt empowered to make informed decisions, confident that we were securing properties at fair prices, and recommended great lenders to achieve our dream of purchasing our home. It was evident that Doherty Real Estate Group Service prioritizes staying ahead of the curve, ensuring their clients benefit from the latest market intelligence.”

Shakira S.

“First time home buyer, right before COVID, great experience in person and on zoom (before it was a thing), looking to purchase next home will definitely be reaching out soon. Devin has kept in touch long after the sale was completed. Sometimes just a random call to check in and others an invite to watch a movie at a theater he rented out or wine tasting. Thank you again Devin for keeping us in mind.”

Rodrigo R.

First Time Home Buyer

“Amazing Team & Outstanding service! Devin and his team are trustworthy, very efficient, and always available to assist us regardless of the time of the day. We highly recommend their services, they go above and beyond the call of duty, we had several real estate firms assist us in the past and none of them compare to the remarkable experience we had with Devin and his Awesome Team! We are extremely grateful for the great experience we had with them.”

Jose V.

“What an amazing team! So lucky for the expertise of Devin and Judy to guide us through important real estate investment decisions. Thank you! Thank you!”

Monique B.

Investment Advice

“Devin, Reagan and Judy are the best. Go Team Doherty. They are professional, responsive, respectful and truly care! Amazingly creative! Let's Gooooo DREG.”

Doug H.

“I have known Devin for many years. He is an exceptional, insightful and trustworthy person as well as realtor! I have reached out to him many times throughout the years.”

Mark J.

“Devin really helped our family settle down in California and if it wasn’t for him and his team, we would not be in the advantageous spot we are in today. Thank you Devin!”

Jay L.


“Devin and his team brought a wealth of experience, negotiating skills and marketing that helped us on both sides of our sell/buy transaction. They helped us sell at the highest price with the least amount of hassle. Thanks Devin!”

Rick M.


“Devin is why I was able to buy my first house. I knew almost nothing going in and Devin went out of his way educate me and my fiance so that we could make an informed purchase. We definitely intend to work with him in the future.”

Darin N.

First Time Home Buyer

“Devin and his team are excellent! They go about their business with integrity, professionalism and amazing expertise. You MUST use their team for what will likely be your biggest transaction of your life!”

Cami V

“Devin and team worked with us for two year to help us find the perfect house. That's what you want in a Realtor. Commitment!”

Mike B


“I contacted Devin regarding a Craigslist ad I saw on a certain property because we were planning to relocate to the United States and I was looking for a great home that we could move in to. He got in touch with us soon after my inquiry and he personally helped us get the best deal that we could for the purchase of our new home. My family is extremely happy that Devin helped us and I am sure that you won't regret getting in touch with him to help you out with your real estate needs.”

Buyer Aliso Viejo

“Just wanted to thanks Devin and his team - I am very impressed on how they assisted me and made a priority of helping me out with care and precision. and I'm hoping all the best for Devin and his team.”

Jeff H.

“When I felt anxious about the sale process, you reassured me. Your professionalism and great customer service are unsurpassed. You all worked so hard to make a challenging situation work out so well! Thanks to you we have been able to move on, and hope to use your services as soon as we are able to buy again. You have our wholehearted endorsement and best wishes to each one of you!!!”

Patricia and James

“We purchased a home that was a short sale. I have heard horrible stories about the short sale process, but I am glad to say that Devin's team were able to navigate the process for us. Their expertise in dealing with the banks, enabled us to purchase the home. Also a thank you to Tim and Lee at Union National Mortgage to arrange our loan.”

Buyer Laguna Niguel

“We live out of state and wanted a second home in Orange County for the winter months, especially to be nearer family. The integrity and real estate knowledge of the Doherty Team is exceptional. We basically were "new to the game" of viewing, bidding, and hopefully buying a second property. Having Zen play at his Master Chess board in the bidding game, we felt so confident to acquire the condo that would fit our needs. Thomas was a delight in showing us properties and asking just the right questions that would enable him to communicate our final wish lists. The Team was adaptable to our needs as we engineered more knowledge of areas and amenities. Very patient group. Very ethical Team. And very satisfying to meet folks you could actually invite to a family dinner.”

Out of State Buyer

“Devin was referred to me by a friend from Arizona. Devin immediately put me in touch with Realtor Zen and my wife and I began our home search. Devin listened to our needs and didnt waste time showing us less than perfect homes for our needs and wants. He understood the market and we were able to choose a home that built equity from day one! I highly recommend Devin and the team for any real estate needs. Before this experience, I would have never said, "my realtor" now I have Devin and he is my realtor.”

Buyer Huntington Beach

“Our experience with the team at Doherty Real Estate Group was simply amazing. Being in the position to have to short sale your home is not the easiest but every step of the way Devin and his team, particularly Laura, treated us with respect and were right there to help us through the process. Every question was answered, every difficult decision was worked through and because of their hard work and persistence our short sale experience was a true blessing rather than a painful and embarrassing one. I am grateful for their help and would refer their real estate services to anyone in any situation.”

Condo Seller in Mission Viejo

“Devin Doherty group was referred to me by a friend at work I was telling him that I was going though lots of stress because my last Realtor was so horrible it was a nightmare selling my house. I had to drop him and had to wait until my contract was up to find a new Realtor. I believe things happen for a reason because I found Devin and he made our selling process much easier and we got more than expected which made it even better. I will not hesitate to refer this team to anyone. You will be satisfied with their hard work and be pleased at the end.”

Buyer/Seller Riverside

“If you want to sell your house than Devin is the realtor you're looking for. Our house needed some work and Devin gave us great advise and connected us with the right people. People that know Devin always say "there are realtors that show houses and there are ones that sell houses and Devin sells houses.”

Vilma T

“If you want to sell your house for top dollar and are open to important suggestions then Devin and his team are for you! Extremely happy with the process.”

Seller Mission Viejo

“We first started working with Devin and his team a year and a half ago when we relocated to Southern California from Chicago. Devin assigned John Driskill to work with us and from our initial conversation we were blown away with his professionalism and sincere desire to help us find our rental home. we had to do several tours remotely via FaceTime as travel was a challenge for us initially. John was incredibly accommodating and with the competitive nature of real estate at the time we were looking he did a ton of work for us to help us land on the house that was right for our family. Quite frankly I thought, and even told him that it was a lot more work than it seemed might've been worth it for him. None the less he treated us like family and never gave up on the hunt. John and I have stayed in contact since we initially arrived in Aliso Viejo and it was a no-brainer to start working with them again now that we're on the hunt for a home to purchase. I'd recommend these guys to anybody in the market for a rental or purchase. Be confident that that you'll be working with someone who has your best interest in mind. Couldn't say enough positive things about this group of people.”

Bob J.

“The real estate team headed by Devin Doherty, became an amazing partnership in representing the sale of my trust estate home. His perseverance, respect and knowledge resulted in an excellent experience and sale during a challenging time. The response of his whole team, was above the expected work, and my belief is that you will receive the benefit of all the years of background, sales experience and his contacts in your potential real estate transaction. I would give the Doherty team my confidence and trust in any future home representation.”

Seller Laguna Niguel

“Rebounding from a big loss in business and starting over in homeownership we found it to be a challenge to find the right fit between size, floorplan, tax base and affordability. After hours and hours of searching Google we asked for help. Devin's team found us the perfect fit, a single story, 3BD, 2BA jewel that is just right for two empty nesters. We are so happy to call this house our home and are grateful for the professional help to make things fall in place.”

Dan C.


“Devin and his team are one of the best there is. His unique selling strategy helps to become incredibly successful in the crazy southern California market. Devin's passion for people was evident throughout my entire experience. Devin and his team have a vast knowledge of the market and I'd use them to buy or sell my home over and over again!”


“The entire team are simply the best. They know what it takes to represent sellers and buyers at the highest level. Negotiation skill is imperative to represent the client's best interests, and they are the best at it. After the deal goes under contract, the level of care and attention to detail make sure that the closings go smoothly. On top of it all, the team has a great culture and treats their clients as partners throughout the transaction. I highly recommend Devin and his team!”

John G.


“My wife and I were looking to purchase a home and tried using a realtor that our bank had recommended. They seemed to only be available at certain times and were not doing anything proactively to help us find a place. We quickly realized that we would not have much luck with them due to there being so little available homes on the market. Then I got a call from the Doherty Real Estate group and our home search turned around. Jon and Darren were always available and were constantly working to help find the right fit. They walked us through the home buying process step by step and since it was our first time buying it was extremely helpful. We found the perfect place for our family and I cannot recommend the Doherty Real Estate group enough. We will definitely work with them again in the future. Thanks so much!”



“Honesty, integrity and terrific results... what more can you ask for! Devin and his team helped us with what I thought was a difficult scenario but they handled it in stride and obtained the results we needed and surpassed our expectations.”


“Devin and team can always be trusted to have your best interest first. It's great to have an agent with so much experience. Highly recommended! PS. It's also fun to look at houses with someone who has such a witty sense of humor. Informative AND entertaining!”


“Devin is a great realtor and helped me. He helped me learn a lot of stuff about business. He was very thorough and clear and explained a lot on what I was doing. He gave me a lot of tips, on how to sell and market my house.”

Buyer & Seller in Laguna Hills

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Kamal & Lakshmi

“Great agent and support staff!! The condo was nice. Parks and shopping were close to our place. Had a swimming pool in our complex that kids loved!! Landlord was pretty good, too. Neighbors ended up being loud but that was just by chance.”

Rachelle W.


“Thanks Devin, you made our experience very enjoyable! We will definitely recommend you to our friends and neighbors. We appreciate you taking the time for us even when it was late in the evening.”

Past Client

“Devin's customer service and exceptional real estate knowledge was a dream. He was the best agent for all our needs and he came through at every time on his promises.”

Kevin T.

“Devin and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. He takes care of you from start to finish. He has a full marketing program to advertise and sell your home. Because of his knowledge of areas and pricing he's able to get you too dollar when selling and the best deal when buying. I trust Devin and so can you. His website is very helpful as well.”

Bill M.


“They are very knowledgeable, professional and experts in real estate. The team ensures that the end-2-end process is managed flawlessly. Devin has a full marketing program to advertise and sell your home so that it is done right the first time. In addition, their exceptional level of ethics and integrity has given me complete confidence in trusting them to drive all marketing decisions to get our home sold at the right price and create a win-win relationship for both sellers and buyers. HIGHLY recommend Devin and his team!!”

Lynda I.


“Professional. Knowledgeable. Honest. Organized. Dependable. The Doherty team delivered on their plan and promises. Being the point person for the sale of my parents' home and being out of state would be problematic for many... not so for Devin's team. Their plan worked like a charm and their communication was phenomenal throughout the process. Their plan involved communicating once a day at minimum and more when needed... It was needed since there were multiple offers (18) received. That is a great problem to have! As the sellers, we felt as though we were an involved part of the team every step of the way from the first meeting. When we had a hurdle to overcome, they were there with solutions every time and I mean every time! This important life event could have been a difficult one but because my parents made the right choice of Realtors to team with, it was a great experience for them. If we had another one to sell (or buy), I would choose Devin Doherty, Kellie Meserve, and Brittany "NeedsARaise" Noland again without question. I love it when a plan comes together and results in success. If you do too, make it simple and get the best team on your side...The Doherty Team. I cannot thank them enough for making the sale such a success!”

Kevin M.

Out of State Sellers

“Doherty Real Estate Group was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. They have never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. I would highly recommend them as you will save thousands as well as receive the best service any agent can provide. I know from experience as we have dealt with Doherty Group professionalism & integrity over the years. We are so thankful that we were introduced to Doherty Real Estate Group by a friend.”

Kely K.

“I could not have been happier with Devin and his team. I was in a unique situation where I had a probate sale for a property in Pacific Beach. The property was located two-blocks from the beach in Pacific Beach, and was ripe for a developer to improve the property. Devin and his team developed a customized strategy. The result was 22 offers in less than two weeks. He then professionally managed the situation with the result being a signed contract with terms that exceeded my expectations. Since I was out-of-town, Devin's team also made the process painless and took a lot of the burden off of me. Finally, it is also important to note that, as during any real estate transaction, it is also the network of professionals that is also important. All of Devin's referrals also exceeded expectations. The closing went smoothly and I couldn't have been more delighted.”

Out of Town - Probate Seller

Probate Seller

“We have always been hopeful and weary of real estate brokers and agents. We had a mountainous task of moving to Irvine CA from Franklin Lakes NJ. This was to be our final home to retire and to enjoy the fruit of our life from a lifetime of labor. We wanted to ensure that we lived with all our desirable amenities; no maintenance for big house, walking distance to stores, shops and entertainments, and living in a safe environment. We had little knowledge of Irvine other then hearing it's a great town in CA - safe, clean and modern. We have asked our NJ real estate broker from Keller and Williams (KW) to introduce us to a local broker in the Los Angeles region. Acknowledging our penchant for being highly selective and being "picky", our broker reviewed the accomplishments and results of the various brokers in the LA area and referred us to Devin Doherty of Doherty Real Estate Group. He was the perfect broker that listened and really "heard" our living needs, comforts and logistics. Because of the distance and moving cross country, we had to have a close relationship with a broker that we can totally rely on and trust to find us a home that was suitable to our needs. Incidentally, Devin was our second choice. The first broker introduced to us had a highly favorable track record in sales, but the broker's selections of homes for our consideration were more so accommodating the broker's needs rather then putting our needs front and forward. We had an awkward dialogue and the broker was just not "listening" to us. Our NJ broker introduced us to another broker in the LA area, Devin . What a "God send". We instantly hit it off and immediately felt comfortable. We felt his confidence to find us a great home. After getting virtual video tours of many homes, we selected a few to visit in Irvine. It seemed that each unit visited had one deficiency or another. With serious focus on finding us our home, Devin came up with a perfectly new condominium; this was not on our initial list, but met most of our needs. During the entire process, he/his team have always been available for us. We had a few hitches that would have halted most buyers from buying a new home. Devin came through again. Using his financial creativity, we were able to overcome the obstacles and conclude the purchase of our great home. Devin also has an infrastructure of professional and home related associates (interior designer, construction workers, so much more...) who can provide you with the one-stop shop for all your needs; this will simplify your life during the chaotic period of buying/selling your home. Many thanks to Devin and his team! They made our dream materialize. If you want a great home in LA or Orange County in CA, we highly recommend using Doherty Real Estate Group for your all inclusive real estate needs.”

Yung & Charles

Out of State Buyer

“This review is long overdue but... Devin and his team were amazing to have on my side when buying my first home. I was a pretty picky and anxious buyer with previous bad experiences working with other real estate agents. They were very understanding, patient, professional, and honest throughout the entire buying process. Devin has the knowledge to get you through any problems from contracts, negotiations to construction. He also has lots of connections to help you through both your buying and home-ownership experience. I very much appreciate the honesty and transparency Devin had throughout the time I worked with him. I will use him again in the future for any real estate needs I have. I would highly recommend using him to anyone looking to buy/sell a house especially if it's your first one.”



“They went above and beyond at every stage of the home buying process for us. We couldn't be more pleased and blown away by their excellent service!! Thank you again!!!”

Sandra C.


“The Doherty Real Estate Group are the most accommodating and professional group of individuals. They have a great national team that not only were able to provide my fiancé and I a referral in Boise, but they went above and beyond to make sure we were being taken care of.”

Kelly E.

Relocating Out of Area

“The best experience in finding and buying a house! Great team, well prepared and informed. Truly a 5 star. The house met 99% of our needs, size, location, features, price, loan, etc.”

J. Tamez


“What an amazing team! So lucky for the expertise of Devin and Judy to guide us through important real estate investment decisions. Thank you! Thank you!”

Monique B.

“Amazing Team & Outstanding service! Devin and his team are trustworthy, very efficient, and always available to assist us regardless of the time of the day. We highly recommend their services, they go above and beyond the call of duty, we had several real estate firms assist us in the past and none of them compare to the remarkable experience we had with Devin and his Awesome Team! We are extremely grateful for the great experience we had with them.”

Jose V

“We were referred to Devin from one of our friends when we decided to relocate to California. He and his team went above and beyond and are one of the most professional and efficient realty groups I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The whole process from finding the right home to the closing was well above the 5-Star rating.”

Randy T.

Went Above & Beyond!

“Excellent marketing program and sales strategy to get top dollar for your home. Offers support for relocating clients to different areas of California and the country.”

Jeff P.

Excellent Marketing Progra

“Selling your home is not fun. Working with Devin Doherty’s team made it a great experience, nonetheless. I’m thrilled with the price he got with the sale and the ease with which everything came together. Thanks, Devin!”

Rick H